ABOUT: Smegy

ABOUT: Smegy

Name Smegy
Country of Residence United States of America
 IG @smegy18


After saw Smegy making these dope digital jellyfishes. Her fine, colorfull and creative art about jellyfishes, octopuses and her combined mushroom art gave me inspiration to use much more colors in Octulos. Here are her deepsea stories about her art.

I got amazed by your colourfull jellyfishes. Where did your art for jellyfishes began ? 

The ideas for them sprouted out of sentiment. I originally had this idea of creating mushroom x jellyfish art to symbolize their similarities. I had always thought they were opposite versions of each other and wanted to showcase that. After a while, I focused on jellyfish art specifically because the existence of such odd creatures inspired me to learn more about them. I will go more into why the shroom x jelly comparison means so much to me at a later date, but it does have its personal meaning to me.

You told me in an conversation that the sea inspired you in your art. Can you tell us more about your art history ? 

Growing up, it was often said of me that I would not only make creative art, but I’d find creative mediums to do art on. In preschool, Id rip out 10 pages of a dollar store notebook and tape them together and draw something special to me on each of those pages. Then, I would hang them on walls to showcase every interest that made me. Most of it related to my culture, my love of soccer, my favorite fishes, fruit, etc. I would make unique shapes out of paper and hang them on walls to draw, which later would explain how I got into the graffiti community. 

Growing up by the ocean filled my mind with all the mysteries that lay beneath the surface, which manifested into a powerful passion I have to this day. There is over 70% of the ocean that hasn't been discovered, which could mean that any random idea I have of a jellyfish I had drawn could possibly be something that actually exists out there. This thought alone inspires me to keep creating.

What brought you to the sticker community and what is your opinion regarding the stickercommunity?

 Stickers help spread your name around in the easiest ways. I love the material used on the 228 labels (they treat my markers the best), and it is easier to pump out a lot of your art in a shorter amount of time. Being introduced to the sticker community through Instagram, and realizing how they single-handedly bring people together and share creative ideas through trades and collaborations brought me to want to be a part of something so special.

Do you have any ambitions of growing with your art in the future ?

I love to write, and I love to draw, so I had this idea since the beginning of time to write a comic regarding my art. Most of the drawings I post on my page are me workshopping different conceptual designs that would get added into the comic I want to make someday. I am currently pursuing a degree in school that implements marine biology and mechanical engineering, so I wanted to use my comics as my personal research journal to document my findings in a unique, creative, and entertaining way. I figured that since I would be working directly with ocean conservation and discovery, I would be able to bring something to the table that no one else has seen before. That is the dream at least!

What do you like most about what you do?

My favorite thing about creating is being able to tangibly see my art progress through time. A big fear of mine that I am sure a lot of people can relate to is the idea that our talents are stagnant. Being able to visualize my progress keeps me motivated to think outside the box to keep growing my passion. I love art so much, and I love seeing different people's interpretations and styles shine through their work. 

What kind of tools do you mostly use to generate your art?

Posca pens are my ride-or-die. Any kind of paint pens are typically what I use, but I do like to mix different tools together. I use watercolor pens as gentle shading on top of the paint I use. Sometimes I use loop spray cans as well as a background on my paintings before I start to officially draw to help my characters pop out. I do plan on expanding the usage of tools in the future, so all this is subject to change.

Got anything more you want to say?

A person's art is their soul made tangible. One of the reasons why I love the art/graffiti community so much is because you can see the uniqueness within each person come to life on paper. This is why no bad art exists, because it comes from within you. It is a very vulnerable and beautiful thing to share with the world. 

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