ABOUT: Mr. Kubus

ABOUT: Mr. Kubus

Name Mr. Kubus / Friendly Hero
Country of residence Netherlands
IG  @mrkubus


I actually met Kubus trough the gram. I've seen his Friendly Hero a lot in the streets and I like the way he makes the expressions. His artwork apart from the Friendly Hero is mindblown. In my opinion, Kubus is a relaxed, analytical and a creative artist.

Where did your journey in art began for you?
I've always been into drawing and painting. About 16 years ago, i picked up spaypaint/cans. i would say the idear started to crystalize around that time.

I like the Friendly Hero and how you work him in diverse themes. How did you come up with your character?
I would say, for a few years i was looking for a simple character, who i could call my own creation. So the Friendlyhero was born late 2019, and got refined in 2020.
Looking back , corona helped me in a way, and many creative people around the world. it cave us no other option, but to create, and do wat you love.

The dragon you made from a couple years was such a piece of art. When can we expect another exposition of your artworks?
Hehe i totaly not expected you to ask about my other works.
But thanks for the prais.
Ectualy i'm doing a lot of other creative works on the background.
I was thinking about sharing that on the WWW soon as well, but probably in the future im gonna cut a line between Friendly Hero and Mr. Kubus.

What do you like most about what you do?
Or making a connection with people trough my work.
Adding colour to the world^^
I like being in the zone, when im creating.

Does your art have a deeper meaning to you?
My aim is to give it meaning ofcours, wich is a challange always.
Also i strongly belive all 'artists' strife for meaning in there work.

What kind of tools do you mostly use to generate your art?
Everything or anything i can get my hands on, also know as mixed media.
But mostly a pencil and paper. But most people only are vermillar with my work with spraypaint, cans.
Lately i am realy enjoying working with aquarel paints/watercolours.

Got anything more you want to say?
Nah, i think im good, im not realy a writer....Peace!

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