ABOUT: Gator

ABOUT: Gator

Name Gator
Country of Residence United States of America
 IG @gator_ngs


I remember when I saw Gator's clean work and detailed work. And I'm not just talking about his character, but also his graffiti. He is allround and creative as fuck, on top of that is his humbleness in his art. Happy to be share my arts with this guy! This is his story!

Your work is clean. For your character as well as for your graffiti. Whats the backstory in your passion for graffiti?

I found myself captivated by graffiti as a kid. I enjoyed the mystery, finding treasures without ever knowing the creator. I grew up right next to a railroad so I spent some time benching and a lot of time scouring the tracks and tunnels and bridges in the area. Shortly after I started writing, and I was locked in. I already liked music and culture that bit back. Graffiti just went hand in hand with my passion for those things that went against the grain.

We enjoy watching your Gator on labs, you are so creative and versatile. How did you come up to use a alligator as your character?

I've always been more into letters than characters, but held a massive appreciation for characters. I was given my name, so the reptile itself never held much significance to me. If anything did it was mostly the attitude of the creature than anything. I've experimented with characters in and out but always thought that an alligator was too cliche to use. But one day I had a break through and thought sock puppet! It's got to be a sock puppet gator! I wanted to create a character that could represent me as a person and break the more serious tones of my letter work. He expresses my personality traits, thoughts, emotions, and can take on any adaptation.

How did you get into the stickercommunity and what do you like the most of this community?

I've made stickers since around 2014 and due to constant paranoia have had no internet presence whatsoever until around 2020. That said I had no idea there was such a vast community of sticker artists out there! I'm normally quite timid and tend to stay to myself, but seeing other artists influenced me to break that pattern and become socially involved. Slowly as I spent more time on Instagram I started to see more and more sticker people, I think the first being Smalley. I noticed there was some 228 hashtags going around and figured I'd give em a go, and bang! My support base rapidly grew as well as I, fully embracing the sticker side.

What do you like most about what you do?

My favorite bit of the sticker Community is the support. I've always been under some preconceived notion that other artists are jaded and closed. But I found the exact opposite! And I've learned that we all do better the more that we lift one another. As Artists, for Artists.

What do you like most about what you do?

The thing I love most about what I do is freedom. I'll never forget how liberating it felt to paint my first spot or put up my first sticker. Graffiti to me is my raw expression whether it is a sticker or a wall. I am going to make what I want or feel in the moment and not give a damn or a second thought otherwise.. To bask in that feeling and just create.

What markers do you use? And why?

I use a little mix of media. But stick primarily to paint markers, using Posca and Tooli Art. Mostly for the cost and availability. I like paint markers because they last considerably longer in the elements and I still create primarily for use in the streets. Including my work on labs.

Got anything more you want to say?

I appreciate having had this opportunity! Thank you to Benji and the Official 228 Mag. Thank you to the NFG crew. And thank you to all the others that have shown their support!

Never Perfect

Never Gonna Stop 


2 thoughts on “ABOUT: Gator

  1. avatar Dooka says:

    Such a legend. Love this guy and the things he creates.

  2. avatar Benji says:

    Yes bro! Great interview and big ups for the shout out G! Truly appreciate it 🤜❤️🤛

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