ABOUT: Sinnr

ABOUT: Sinnr

Name Sinnr
Country of Residence Denmark, Copenhagen
IG  Sinnr_stickers


I received an invitation to join the NFG Crew. As a result, I met Sinnr, whose work varies from Hello's stickers to "228's" labels, from canvases to painted cans and not to forget his handfull of digital skills. His unique skull character in bright colors is truly unmissable. Up to this point, in relation to his work, he creates art quickly, with precision and remarkable detail. I managed to arrange an interview with him for my Octulos Interview.

How about we start off with a beer. What do you recommend ?
I love IPA’s, my favorite at the moment is one made here in Denmark.
Called “Whirl domination Indiana pale ale” made by “To øl”

We are aware of the quality and speed at which you produce slaps. Where did your journey in the world of stickers began?
It began in 2004. When I was a teenager. I was heavy into street skateboarding with my friends. So, we moved around in the streets on the hunt for spots and spend a lot of time at the skateparks too. Here graffiti was a natural part of the scenery, and I stated getting interested in that. That led to catching tags and a few throw-ups. This thene led me in the direction of stickers. I got an A4 sheet of molotow “Hello my name is” stickers in a graff-magazine. And this was what set it off.
Now stickers are my primary focus.

How did you came up with the name Sinnr?
I have been through a wide range of names since the beginning. After a few names I landed on “SIN”. I did this name for about half a year and found out a local writer (Who has a lot more legacy than I) goes under the same name. So, I needed to back down from that name. In this process I decided to extend the name, to sinner. I liked the idea of double letters (the NN) and decided to remove the e and just use R at the end. So, you can still read it, and get the meaning of the word but slightly different.

Seen your character in different kind of styles and colors. How did you come up with your character?
The character came around after I have been through a range of other characters also. And since characters are quite a thing in the sticker world, so for me I was naturally guided in that direction.
I landed on the skull. I think it fits well with the name also, in the darker tone of thinking, but with a more cartoony feel to it. I like the morbid idea of the visual of a skull but made into something cute in a way, with a little street flair.

It is built of, the foundation and thinking of a throw-up. But with the possibility to make more or less detailed if I want to, or more conceptual. This especially to adapt for collabs and to be able to evolve it. It has evolved a lot during the past few years tho, little things here and there alongside with me getting it more and more tightly executed. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. ;)

I use bright colors as an eyecatcher, in the streets. Since stickers a usually small in size, bright colors can help catch attention at times.

I How big would you say the stickercommunity is in Denmark?
It has grown a lot during the last few years. So guess you can say there is sort of a scene. I of curse variates from city to city. Graffiti in the more “Traditional” scene is by far the most common thing. But I find there is a scene for sure, but not as big as in some other countries, yet. Hopefully it grows. I try my best to promote and highlight the culture and keep the culture as alive as I can.

We see a lot that you are busy with various sticker exhibitions/stickershows. Can you tell us more about those events?
To follow up on what I touched upon before, I try to promote the “sticker culture” and help to showcase all the awesome work you can stumble upon when you walk the streets. A dope-ass sticker can be hiding in plain sight. But you might not be aware of it when you are not really looking for it.

The expos and festival projects are also a fun way to rethink how to showcase stickers and bring it to another level. So, a sticker is not just a sticker. On top of this it is also fun to make and to be part of the process of. Other than that it also opens up the sticker world to me so I can be able to see more of all the awesome work that is being made out there in the world. And to connect with other artists that helps and inspire me to elevate and evolve in my work.

Art is very broad. What do you like most about what you do?
In short, I like that you have no boundaries in terms of what you want to create, how and why.That you are on a journey that never ends, unless you yourself decide to stop.

What kind of tools do you mostly use to generate your art?
Stickers of all kinds, paint markers (I like Molotow, one4all, the best), and spray paint.

Got anything more you want to say?
I will of curse give a huge shout-out to you Octo, for having me onboard on this.

Shout-out to all my crew homies! NFG, OMFG, AFC, ISC & Art Goons. To the people that go on vacation in Copenhagen and want to meet up, have a beer, put up stickers and trade.
Big up to my local homies, FreeSpace, Cykeltur, Earl, Tow187, Yes Yes, Shew, Will It Art, Torben P, Jakob, Lars, Ilja and ofcurse my lovely family and friends. One Love!
Big up to all the dope people that has supported me with motivation, tips and tricks to evolve in my work and push myself. To all the people who has supported me with sticker donations for the larger sticker projects I have been fortunate enough to pull off. I will be doing more this coming time, so if you read this and want in on something in the future, shoot me a DM on my Instagram. (@sinnr_stickers)

Follow my journey and stay sticky!

Thanks Octulos.

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