ABOUT: Aidan the Kid

ABOUT: Aidan the Kid


Name Aidan the Kid
Country of Residence the Netherlands
IG Aidan the Kid


Aidan's starters are always legendary themes. From movies to different cultures. I like the creativity in his work and has, in my opinion, the best locations where his stickers are pasted up. And I got a interview with the kid who is taken over the world.

How about we start with some beer?

You know me, I love a good beer! If I could choose, I would definitely go for a St. Aidan Bitter, but unfortunately, those are only sold in the UK, France, and Germany! I guess I'll need a beer friend abroad to quench my thirst!

When did you join the sticker community and why?

Back in 2010, I started creating stickers for my favorite football club (yes, Americans, it's football, not soccer!). However, those stickers would quickly disappear as rival fans passed by. I was very active in this scene, and my friends and I made numerous stickers, actively trading and pasting them. The football sticker scene in Europe is massive, but after ten years, I wanted something more personal and unrelated to football.

What is the history behind Aidan the Kid?

So, I left the football stickers behind, and after my son was born in 2020, I invented my own sticker character - Aidan the Kid! When he was merely six months old, I chose one of his pictures, and that became my character.

I've been on a sticker world tour ever since. Well, kind of. Due to the pandemic, it was initially only possible in The Netherlands. However, after the restrictions were lifted, I began pasting my way through cities and villages like a sticker globetrotter. Aidan is taking over the world, one sticky piece at a time!

All the stickers you've created and that I've seen are always creative and theme-based. Whether it's movies, cultures, superheroes - you name it. Where do you draw your inspiration for your artwork?

My artwork is like a cocktail of movie characters, cartoons, and various cultures. Who would have thought Aidan could pull off a superhero costume? I love that people can recognize my character while also connecting it to a famous movie or cartoon. I believe it inspires others to do more with their characters, as it has inspired me. When I start making a sticker, I usually already have an idea in mind. I might choose an old cartoon or movie I enjoyed when I was younger, and sometimes I conduct online research for inspiration. When I create stickers for an upcoming trip to another city or country, I enjoy delving into other cultures and giving Aidan a new outfit to help him fit right in.

Does your art hold a deeper meaning for you?

Well, my character is my son, so yes, it does. I hope he doesn't resent it when he's older and discovers his face is everywhere.

But it's also fun to connect with people from all over the world to discuss stickers, trade, and collaborate.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

I can't choose, mate. I love every aspect of it. I enjoy going out and pasting. I love collaborating, I love the research. I love that I can push myself to become a better artist.

I cherish all the people I meet in this community. Everyone is so different, but the mutual respect we have for each other is something I hold dear.

What markers do you use, and why?

Most of the time, I use Posca markers. I simply love them. The colors are so vibrant, and the paint adheres well to outdoor stickers.

Recently, I've also begun working with alcohol-based markers on 228 Labs stickers. It's a bit different, but I'm enjoying it as well.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Haha, you shouldn't have given me this opportunity, but here it is: Jesus is real! He loves all of you and wants you to be saved. Repent and put your trust in Him. I didn't believe this myself about a year ago, but my life has changed ever since. Give it a try."

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