Name: Ewon
Country of Residence: United states of America
IG @nowe_1er


Witnessing Nowe's art never fails to captivate me with its explosive bursts of vibrant colors. The precision of his clean lines on steel, concrete, and paper consistently leaves me in awe. After encountering numerous unique pieces, I found myself inspired to shift my focus from a year-long obsession with Octulos to honing my lettering skills. This artist truly ignites my motivation through his exceptional artwork. Without further ado, let me share his inspiring story.

How did you come up with your name?
I came up with it from the saying “the future is nowe”.( and the “E’s” silent) and then one day I flipped the script and “Ewon” evolved -eyes wide open now .

Where and when did your journey in graffiti began?
It began in my hometown around 94’.

Seeing the style of your pieces and the pretty colorways always amazes me. How did your style evolved over the years since you began?
I appreciate that. My style evolved from an unquenchable thirst over the years and being an outlet threw the ups and downs.

What motivates and inspired you in your style in graffiti?
What motivates me is being in constant competition with my self to improve and give back to the culture and the writers who came before me who have been getting up on the freights.

On your portfolio I see a lot of pieces in tunnels, tracksides and freight trains. What is your favorite spot to paint on?
I enjoy all kinds of spots and love finding new ones although favorite is freights for sure.

For a starter in graffiti there is a lot of choice in cans and caps. What cans and caps would you prefer to use and why ?
You’re not kidding. That’s very true. I’d go with the Rustos then rock some Legos and Ny Fats on an adapter.
I feel like if u can rock a Rusto then you’ll be able to rock any other type of brand . Rustos-got-tha-gusto

What do you like most about what you do?
The Feeling. Most of time people are seeing the “ups” and not the “downs” it took to get there so it’s a cool thing to share that with others once I breakthrough.

For some people, their art is just for fun and for some it's a therapy. Does your graffiti have a deeper meaning to you ?

It definitely does. It’s fun and therapy simultaneously. It defines my essence and imitates life.

Thanks again for being a part in the Octulos Interviews. Any shoutouts or something that you would like to say?
Absolutely! Thank you for allowing me to be . I’d like to give a shout out and a proper big ups 2 The Creator , my girlfriend, family, friends, everyone in the Nfg crew, the predecessors , Tactical Styles, Wall Wizard all the writers who been rocking burners ,Freak nsf , March kpg, all the ones who have supplied me with paint/supplies, Razer, and much love to the Octulos Interviews.


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