ABOUT: Malice Mizery

ABOUT: Malice Mizery

Name Malice Mizery
Country of residence Guam
IG  @malicemizery


Before I started doing graffiti and stickerart, I loved making digital portraits and was amazed how other artists could create portraits from photo's onto paper or a wall. I tried it once but I always struggled with the ratio and my eyes were always so different. Once I started stickers I came across your profile and your ratio, shadow and colorwork was so dope that I had to ask for a trade. And by now, you're here telling your story.

When you told me where you live, I really had to google where this was placed on the map. But what stunned me the most, was your portrait art. Where did this passion for your colorful portraits come from?

If you saw my desk, it's just and explosion of toys, I have the brightest pink walls and rhinestones all over the place. When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time on the touristystreet where people kind of dressed to the nines and took photos together. These photos were always really posed (we actually had a whole toolbox of weird group poses!). What I thought was the coolest was after the photos when we all got food or coffee and just kind of had fun without stopping to make a record of it. My colorful portraits are kind of my attempt at recreating those colorful memories.

You told me Paprika was the winner for your character’s name. How long did it take for you to get Paprika on this current level?

I tried a whole bunch of clown types but Paprika had this funny, cheerful ギャル type of vibe that I found really fun. She was created around July 2021. Shes a great foil to my other character, Eggman, who is more delicate and anxious. Paprika is  like a Barbie doll, because she gets to wear wild costumes and outfits, and I get to draw them!

There are so many markers to choose from. What do you use for your artwork, and why?

Alcohol based art supplies are both difficult to get shipped and can be quite pricey locally IF they are available, so I buy whatever I can and learn how to make it work for me. For lining, I use Microns exclusively..because I got a good deal on them! My mentality is grab what you can and learn to work with it

How do you see yourself in the future regarding your passion in your art?

I'll continue to do the best I can and hopefully get more opportunites to do more collabs and projects related to my passion.

Do you have anything to add?

Never stop practicing! Do art thats just for you, not an audience. That's where you learn and grow the most.

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  1. avatar Luxo says:

    Wonderful to see Mal featured, Bravo great interview

  2. avatar Levxnk says:

    Such a dope interview!
    Super glad Oct asked these questions!

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