ABOUT: Levxnk

ABOUT: Levxnk

Name Levxnk
Country of residence United Kingdom


Levnk was one of the first people I traded with. After that, I became his co-member of the NFG crew. I enjoy watching the cartoonish style in his own work. You should definitly check him out!

I see you're doing a lot of creative artworks, from your character Oswald to different kinds of cartoons. From stickers to road signs. Where did it all begin for you?
Hey octul0s, thanks for having me. Very honoured to be a part of this project!

So all this actually starter around may 2022. When I first joined the sticker community I didn’t have many labels or printed stickers. So straight from the get go I used to draw on cardboard, lottery tickets or even just random objects I could get my hands on

I like Oswald and I've seen how you work him out on the labs. What is your characters history and how did you come up with it?
So Oswalds original shape and look was a lot different when I first started to draw him, he has progressed a lot over the past few months.

I came up with the idea just from drawing 90’s nostalgia cartoons.
I’m a big fan of the classic Cartoon Network shows and I feel a lot of my style stems from that.
There was a lot of trail and error before Oswald became who he is.

What do you like the most about what you do, and why?
That is actually a very hard question to answer.
I think the best thing about doing this is just the option of free will.
We can draw what we want when we want.
I also think this helps a lot with mental health.
Even if you aren’t “amazing” at drawing it’s just very refreshing to clear your mind.

There are so many markers to choose from. What do you use for your artwork, and why?
You love these hard questions haha!
Well I guess if I had to choose. Ultimately it would be posca paint pens.
That’s what I actually starter with back in may and I just fell in love with them straight away.

I recently tried Molotow and Tooliart paint pens. They are also really good quality.

Do you have anything to add?
If anything, I’d just like people to know it doesn’t matter about your following, or your likes.
The main thing is just have fun with what you’re doing, you will progress without even realizing.

Thanks again for having me Oct 🤘🏼


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  1. avatar Dookallz says:

    Lev is the first person I noticed in the sticker community and the first person I interacted with. I’m new to the scene and Lev has been a sweetheart of a person to me. What a genuine human being! He took me in with open arms and answers all my nooby toy questions. It’s truly been an honor getting to know you Lev. Your kindness is appreciated. Your work will hold a special place on my studio wall forever.

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