ABOUT: Neutral Victor

ABOUT: Neutral Victor

Name Neutral Victor
Country of residence Ireland
IG  @eu.psy.ki
Curator of Dublin Sticker Expo


As a art lover, there are different kinds of art that  really got my interest. One of my biggest interest would be abstract and pattern design. As a illustrator I made multiple patterns to use as a background for my projects. Thats why this artist caught my eye. I spend couple seconds just to watch her work and all I can say is: clean as f*ck. And this, this is her story.

Welcome, where are you from:

Hei. Thanks a lot for having me.

I'm a Latvian born Irish artist. Meaning I was born in Latvia but have lived the majority of my life in Ireland.

I really enjoy your abstract art. Where did your journey in art began?

I think I was about 3 years of age when I started drawing. I was really into it and my mom sent me to art school to learn more. I actually hated it because they wouldn't let me do what I wanted, and taught me things I didn't care for. It was useful in the end, but I really hated it and lasted only one year. I'm 33 now as of last month, and I can safely say I have been an artist for all my life. 

How did you end up in the art of stickers?

It's funny in a way. I saw a sticker giveaway on instagram and made an account to participate in it. I saw there is a huge community and decided to start posting about my own stickers. I hadn't had the mind to create any art for about ten years because of depression and mental health issues, but I did have a lot of art I made before that. I just started taking photos and digitizing everything, and slowly made stickers. It actually did a lot to help my mental state. I remember when the very first stickers of my art came I just cried out of joy and pride for what I had created. It got me to start drawing again, and the support from the community just keeps me going. It's been healing and benefitial. 

Does your art have a deeper meaning to you ?

I like to see the larger pieces as portals to a better state of mind. I think this only makes sense to me, but when I look at the geometrical and circular pieces I have a sense of infinity and all the secrets of the universe looking back at me. 

You are the curator of @dublin.sticker.expo Could you tell us more about that?

This just came about completely at random when someone curating an expo in Sweden said I could make an expo too. I liked the idea of playing with a lot of stickers and I needed something to do, so I went for it. Now I have submissions from all over the world and hundreds of stickers! It's really amazing. I was also able to hold a competition for logos on the expo page, and thanks to GoFundMe donations I got to print expo stickers as well. It's a beautiful thing. 

The expo will open April 3rd and it will be like an art gallery made of sticker combo canvas. 

What do you like most about what you do?

Honestly I am not sure if I like it at all on some days. Living with ADHD is frustrating as I have serious issues choosing what to focus on. That said, the kind and welcoming nature of the sticker community has cleared a lot of depression from my life. I feel happier and more capable. I guess that's what I like the most: the people, the art, and the way we keep each other interested. 

What markers do you use? And why?

I use promarkers, sakura gel pens, and uni-ball fineliners. Why? Well I like them. The markers are vibrant and flow easily. The gel pens go smoothly over black. The uni-ball fineliners do not smudge or bleed when alcohol based ink flows over them. 

Got anything more you want to say?

If anyone wants to trade or collaborate, my DMs are open. 

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  1. avatar Levxnk says:

    Brilliant interview :)

  2. avatar Malice says:

    Awesome interview with a truly unique stand out artist

  3. avatar Vic says:

    Thanks again for having me.

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