ABOUT: Thatoolbox

ABOUT: Thatoolbox

Name Thatoolbox
Country of Residence United States
INSTAGRAM @thatoolbox

I have been following Thatoolbox for a while now and I like his creativity within his character as well as his throwup style. I'm happy to have him here to tell his story behind his art. This is his story:

What inspired you to join this stickerart community ?

Self improvement, before I found stickers I really didn't have anything to call my own in terms of hobbies or skills. I felt I needed to find a craft and work on it for myself and not anyone else. I tried a few things before sticker art but nothing clicked like stickers because of the amazing community!

What I can tell is that you are very varied in your art. From stickers to graffin' and taggin'. What would you love the most ?
I really like the feeling that tagging gives me and there's
nothing like seeing a spot live on in the streets but I think the sheer variety that stickers bring puts them on the top. I can work on my letters, characters, hit a lab, start a lab. It's just lots you can do with stickers anywhere, anytime.
Does your art have a deeper meaning to you ?
I think it's a big part of my personal development, it helps me feel like I can do something and work at it to get better, and that transfers to other parts of my life for sure. It gives me a sort of confidence in myself I guess.
What do you like most about what you do?
I enjoy the interactions with the community a lot,
there's so much support for each other and you really have to look for the negativity. Trades tie into this I love how we pass along our work to one another and bring each piece to life in it's own way whether someone decides to add to it, put it in a book, or put it up in the streets.it's a beautiful thing.
What markers do you use? And why?
I use mainly poscas for my stickers, I decided to try
them out after seeing the quality they brought to everyone elses work. After using my first posca
I don't think there was any going back hahah although I still utilize sharpies and other cheap
paint pens when the need comes. For the streets I use everything from streakers to mops but at
the moment my favorite everyday carry is just a simple correction pen. I like how concealable it
is and the cutty spots I can get, no matter how small the spot someones gonna see it!
Got anything more you want to say?
Thank you for having me be a part of this octulos! And
thank you everyone for welcoming me into the community. It's been such a fun beginning and I'm excited for all that's to come! Hit me up for trades!! 

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