Bugt is 1 of the very artistic guys I know in this stickerworld. His work is clean as a whistle and I like that. Creative with idea and a lot of potential. I like how he works around his character and goes along with different kind of themes. This is his backstory.

The moment we began talking about a trade, I found out we're actually mindlike when it becomes to applying our art. Then again, what made you inspired in joining the stickerart community?

Since way back, when I was around 10, I used to collect stickers to put them on my skateboard, closet, door,… I had a Nike shoebox filled with stickers that I collected over the years. Some were too beautiful to stick, so that’s how my collection kept growing. As I was already drawing back then, the step between collecting and making them was not that big. So I started making them myself, very basic! I just drew on blank postlabels and I laminated them by putting clear tape on top of them haha! :-) At that time, I was just having fun creating without the intention of really sticking them around. Maybe because I was too shy and scared back then.

At that same time Instagram was getting more and more popular so it expanded my inspiration. I looked up to people like Question Josh, Underwater Pirates, Flava, …

Time went by and I was just too busy with stuff for school, so making stickers was put on the background for a bit. I was continuously making art (in and out school) but I just was not focussed on stickers in particular or the scene that came with it. I filled tons of sketchbooks, made canvasses and sculptures as well.

A few months ago I found one of my ‘primitive diy stickers’ back and one of these characters caught my eye. I had this almost nostalgic feeling when I saw these and I remembered the fun of making stickers that I had back then. So I took out my paint pens and started drawing again and a lot more, like I did in my younger days. But this time in a more serious and interactive way. I actually wanted to spread my character and collab with others. So I started with making a specific Instagram account to showcase what I am making to the world.


I like your character and how you work your way around it. How did your character emerge ?

My character was born around 2013 - 2014. It started from a one line drawing where simplicity is key. Cause at that time I was also interested in doing graffiti and saw like ‘one line throws’ that caught my eye. So I used and transformed that style into characters to create something simple en quick to draw. Suddenly I had made a rough form of my character that I liked, but after a few years it clearly needed some updates. So recently I reworked the design to the shape that it now has.

Your work is clean. Do you have any history in art before you created and stepped into the stickercomunity ?

Yeah I do, since my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer (at that time I was around 7, I think) I started drawing and painting to express myself. So that set the bar to explore art in general, wich resulted in different educations in visual arts, graphic design, printmaking and illustration.

Does your art have a deeper meaning to you ?

Art is for me some way of expressing myself, but it’s not that my works have a deeper meaning. In the ‘real’ art world you, as artist, should have an explanation ready for everything you make. I experienced this as well, when I studied visual arts. Some people do not understand the fact that you make something just for fun, or you just love doing it. Why does everything has to be explained? Isn’t it way more interesting to let things be, so the viewer is allowed to have an own interpretation instead of forcing an idea into someone’s head?

What do you like most about what you do?

Collabs! I found out I am really addicted to collabs. I stopped making stuff in sketchbooks cause these drawings were stuck inside there, wich is a shame I think. Now my works can travel the world and especially with collabs! It also makes it cool that others can jump on the same ‘canvas’ and pass it on to others, so you have one big work where you all participate(d) on.

But in the greater picture, I just love expressing myself through art and be creative all day & every day!

What markers do you use? And why?

I use all kinds of markers. Mostly paint markers, even very cheap ones I find in shops nearby my house. I love the markers from Posca and Molotow, but I even use cheap chinese markers.. I also use promarkers and fineliners, actually I use and try out everything I can get my hands on.

Got anything more you want to say?

As cliché as it sound, keep doing what you do. Set the bar high for yourself and keep evolving as an artist and human. Be respectful to others, even if they aren’t nice to you. (until a certain level ofc haha) Spread good vibes and stay creative!

And before I end this interview, I just wanted you to say one more thing:

ABC ain’t 123 baby!

2 thoughts on “ABOUT: Bugt

  1. avatar Dookallz says:

    I recently ran into the infamous Bugt IG. Dude is as authentic as they come and he certainly practices what he preaches. Spreads positivity and loves this scene. It’s been an honor Bugt. Your work will be hanging on my walls forever!

  2. avatar Benjiib89 says:

    I also 100% find on the making a story for your art is bs! Might be unpopular opinion with other artists but I stand by you on that! Great interview bro 🤜🤛

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