Name: Uzio
Country of Residence: Australia
IG @uzioart


 After seeing all those fine art by Uzio, it kinda shocked me what he reached at his age. At the same age I loved being lazy and this guy is so productive with his art. I have seen his art on so many way, it always a banger. I got em to hit up a interview with me.

Your are so talented at this young age. Your work in art/digital art and graffiti keeps amazing me. What does Uzio actually stand for?
Uzio really doesn’t mean much to me personally lol. But it come from the word Uzi because I had a toy gun when I was younger which was a Uzi, so I wrote uzi for a bit until I found a decently know writer using UZI, and was getting up a lot so I felt like I kinda had to change my name, but with uzi only being a 3 letter word it felt very short and that I couldn’t do much with 3 letters so it made me change it up a bit. so then I added a “O” and that seemed unique so it stayed with me. And then eventually added a “R” to make UZIOR which I sometimes piece, depending on the space I’m working with. 
What is your motivation to keep doing your dope art at this stage?
All the support I’m getting motivates me a lot. And seeing other artist produce sick characters and pieces motivates me aswell by giving me inspiration 
We would like to know what the story is behind your "Bumhead" character ?
I’m actually not really sure on how I come up with Bumhead, but I think I came up with him by smashing together things I liked from old characters and adding some new things.
I am curious about your goals. What would be your number 1 goals at this moment ?
Ahhhh… iI don't know lol… I don’t really have set goals but to get to like 40k by the end of this year would be sick. And sell some more canvases and stuff would be good, and get a new sticker design printed.
What do you like most about what you do? 
The end product. If it looks good when I’m finished it makes we happy. And I like the overall process of making my art, that’s why I like doing it
Does your art have a deeper meaning to you ?
Not really ahaha… I just do it for fun and then sometimes it sells which does keep me producing my art aswell.
What markers do you use? And why?
I mainly use Poscas when using paint pens but I do use Ironlak and MTN sometimes. I just have more Poscas and more range of colours with Poscas. I use paint pens because it has good coverage when using it on other surfaces besides paper because it sits on the surface better and is more opaque. I do also use ohuhu alcohol markers and sometimes other random brands of alcohol markers when I do stuff on paper, paper stickers and in the black book because alcohol markers soak into surfaces 
Got anything more you want to say? 
Follow me on Instagram and TikTok @uzioart and go check out my website www.uzioart.com 

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