ABOUT: Bonzobubs

ABOUT: Bonzobubs

Name Bonzobubs

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Bonzobubs has a unique style in her art, my most favorites are the ones Bonzo creates just using pens. The shadings, the lines, the dots, it all comes together as a beautiful artwork. Each drawing has its own character but in the same unique style. The story of Bonzobubs.

Let's start off with a beverage. What beverage would you recommend to your users?

I’m mostly a tea drinker but I love to have a cappuccino with oat milk sometimes.


In the stickerscene, I find your art the, one of the most unique styles I have seen Especially the shading with just the ballpoint pen. Where did your journey in your art begin?

I would always draw as a child and like most people started with a pencil but I think I was in my twenties when I started using a ballpoint pen. I was quite stiff and formal to begin with but gradually loosened up and then it evolved into more of a scribble style where I would literally close my eyes and move the pen around the paper then see what it might look like. It’s like when you look at the clouds and see creatures and monsters in the formations.


What inspired you to become an artist, and how did you develop your artistic skills?

I don’t think I’ve ever become an artist. I’ve always drawn things so it’s part of me and couldn’t imagine not drawing. Developing my skill has just been a case of drawing as much as possible and not getting anything wrong because there was never a right way to draw in my style anyway.


If you had to describe your artistic style, what would you say?

Spontaneous. It has to be pleasing to my eye.


How did you end up starting in the stickerscene?

I really can’t remember if there was a moment I decided to do it but I remember thinking I would like to draw on something different to just in a sketchbook or a piece of paper but I can’t explain why I chose stickers. It’s all a blur.


Can you share some of your favorite or most significant artistic projects or pieces you've created?

At the risk of sounding arrogant, there are too many to choose from. They all have their merits. I genuinely don’t hate anything I’ve ever drawn. I’m not a self loathing artist.


I just draw a vague shape and see where it takes me.


What do you like the most about what you do regarding your artwork?

The fact that I get  to do it at all and that I still enjoy drawing.


 Are there any artists you look up to?

So many on Instagram and I don’t want to single out any. Other artists I  admire are Ralph Steadman, Rembrandt, Goya, Caravaggio, J.M.W Turner, Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rackham to name just a few.


Everyone has their way of working. How do you approach the creative process, from conceptualization to completion of your artwork?

It usually starts with a shape now. It used to start with more of a scribble. I will draw a circle or a square and imagine what can go in the shape or just use the shape as a guide to form some creature or character. It’s hard to describe sometimes because it feels very conscious but at some point in the process it becomes very unconscious and action takes over thought and resolves itself somehow.


Every individual has a different "life" situation beside their artistic/creative side. Now and then I see artists losing their motivation to stay creative because of life. How do you stay motivated and overcome creative blocks or challenges in your work?

I have periods of time when I might not draw for a week maybe but that is usually because I have been drawing too much and just need a break. I never have creative block because I don’t think too much about a drawing. I just draw a vague shape and see where it takes me.


Not every art, is for everyone. How do you handle critiques or feedback on your work, both positive and negative?

I don’t know whether people are too polite but I don’t get negative feedback on social media because people who follow me must like my work. My art is quite a private thing. It’s for me first then other people second. If I like it then that’s all that matters. I don’t show my art to family and friends too much because you don’t get an honest opinion anyway. They are kind of obligated to like it so it’s not a real opinion.


The most thing I like to see in an artist is progress. What are your long-term artistic goals, and where do you see your art career heading in the future?

I’ve never seen myself having an art career. It would turn my passion into a job or a chore. It’s my outlet and the moment it becomes this formal thing that has to be done especially for other people then the enjoyment dies.


Some artists feel they have a deeper meaning regarding their artwork. Does your art have a deeper meaning to you?

No deeper meaning at all. I’m very much in favour of art for arts sake. I hate artists who take themselves too seriously. My drawings please me and seem to please others and that’s all that matters.


Do you have anything else to you would like to share with the world?

Just that I would encourage anybody to draw. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece but it has to make you happy.

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