Name Tutti
Country of Residence The Netherlands
IG @tcafokker.art


Mr. Clean & Creative, ain't no better way to discribe his art. Tutti's work is always clean in lines, highly creative and a lot of details. I have always enjoyed his work in illustrations, drawing and the murals he has done. Being the best for me doens't mean trading with the world, posting everything online or producing high quantity output. Sometimes being the best, is being humble, love the progression as  much as the results and just being passionate in making art. And that's why, in my opinion, Tutti is one of the goats. Here's his story.


Let's start off with a beer. What beer would you say is your favorite?

This sounds like the perfect start to me. I would say that my alltime favourite beer is a tripel karmeliet. With the sweet, subtle taste of corn, and all the beautiful things of a tripel. But I also really enjoy a Brewdog punk IPA. Funny thing to add is that ever since I’ve turned 18, that moment was almost 4 years ago haha holy shit, I’ve been really into beers. The weirder and less known the better. I love a good evening of beer tasting with friends, rating them. And I’ve visited a couple breweries to see how they produce that liquid gold.


You are an allround artist. Where did your journey in art began?

I've been drawing since I was a little kid. From copying ‘Het Melkmeisje’ when I was 4, to making complex doodles when I was 12. My real interest in art started when I was around 16. That was also the time I met a close friend that was really into street art (Shout out to MostDope). He introduced me to Banksy and tagging. And at the same time I came across TenHundred and Slew (both YouTube artists). I really liked the street style with characters and the whole world around it. It was also around that time my own character was born.

Apart from graffiti and stickers I’ve also always been interested in design. Whether that’s making my own boardgames or writing my own poetry.


What inspired you to become an artist, and how did you develop your artistic skills?

Like I said in the previous answer Slew and TenHundred were the first two sparks. But I also have to give my mom and dad some credit. I grew up in a very artistic family and they always encouraged my artistic dreams and goals. For example by taking me to various exhibitions. After finishing secondary school I went to Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht to do Crossmedia. I was introduced to the Adobe programs and found my way in design. I’m currently attending HKU Illustration which is a HBO. It always was a dream of mine to attend an art academy so after finishing Crossmedia at the MBO I was thrilled. These last year and a half really helped me develop into looking at art in different ways.

 Thinking outside the box. And very diverse.

If you would have to describe your artistic style, what would you say?

I think that would be clean and creative ;). Others also describe my work as clean, smooth solid and confident lines. Thinking outside the box. And very diverse.


Can you share some of your favorite or most significant artistic projects or pieces you've created?

Something I'm very proud of is a competition I won that was initiated by Ajax for a game they were going to play against Liverpool. The assignment was to make a poster to give the team an extra boost of support. There were about 600 applications from all over the world and I was one of the 14 winners. (14 because of the legendary Cruijff) As a bonus the 14 winning posters flew with the squad to Liverpool and were later showcased in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam!


What do you like the most about what you do ?

The community around it. At first I always thought of the graffiti scene as a really dark and though world, but getting in here I’ve made a lot of friends and a lot of really great and important connections. I also like the freedom and that it is a way to express myself and give this world some art to enjoy.


Are there any artist you look up to?

Yeah, you. (No joke haha) You were one of a couple of artist that I kinda idolized for your skills. So to be called Mr. Clean&Creative by you was a huge moment for me. Another one is Riot1394. His style is just so unbelievably fucking dope.


Everyone has their way of working. How do you approach the creative process, from conceptualization to completion?

My way is not a way that is supported at school haha. I love to jump to the final result, work quick, the night before the deadline is due. And I also love a messy bureau. It makes my creativeness flow or something haha.


How do you stay motivated and overcome creative blocks or challenges in your work?

Sometimes I just put it aside for a while. But I made myself a promise 4 years ago at the start of corona to draw something everyday. And I must say that it is going quite alright to live up to that promise.


Not every art, is for everyone. How do you handle critiques or feedback on your work, both positive and negative?

To be honest I haven’t got that much critique or hate. The only place thus far where I got some critique was at school. At first I did not knew how to implement the suggestions and feedback in my work but I’ve gotten better at it. I think I know how to make progress and grow right now and how to handle feedback. But it took some time.


The most thing I like to see in an artist is progress. What are your long-term artistic goals, and where do you see your art career heading in the future?

My long term goal is to paint huge murals, make books, zines, art exhibitions and my own board game. I would love to be able to just make art. Not to be a dollar sign monopoly clown artist but make real art, from the hart with a purpose.


Some artists feel they have a deeper meaning regarding their artwork. Does your art have a deeper meaning to you?

I personally don’t think so. I love to make happy tutti’s but they don’t stand for anything. I think that my stories and poetry do have a lot more meaning behind them. It would be interesting to see how these two worlds could intertwine one day.


Do you have anything else to you would like t share with the world?

Love each other a bit more, don’t hate, stay creative and most importantly: Love every color :)

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