ABOUT: Dio tha Dog

ABOUT: Dio tha Dog

Name Dio tha Dog
Country of Residence United States of America
 IG @dio_thadog

Who doesn't know the dog. Have been following Dio since I join the community myself. Nice and recognizable style. Here is Dio's story:

When I think of a dog, I think of Dio tha Dog. Can you tell us something about character history? 
The dog was originally created by my homie back in 1996. He painted it a few times but wasn't feeling it so I asked if I could have it . In the 90's and 2ks he was just a moniker I would occasionally use because I was more focused on my lettering.  The dog had a different appearance back in the 90s and evolved very slowly until Insta, then he started evolving very quickly.  Insta not only brought me onto social media for the first time but also broadened my involvement with the sticker community.  Working with as many lab artists as I have helped to bring the dog to where he is now.  I deeply credit Sleepy, Deez, Nomaprequired and Sneezington for working with me as much as they did. Without them and their creativity I don't think the dog would look the way he does now.   The dog is and always will be a basic moniker style character, what you see is what you get. The reason for that is because I put him in the streets. When I go out tagging I only tag the dog and my signature, I don't tag lettering.  When I paint, I used to only do my letters and not the dog, recently I've decided to change that.  I want the dog to look the same no matter where he is, I want him to look the same as does in the street even when he's on a sticker, tag, t shirt, painted, where ever.  Even if you don't know he's a dog, you will recognize the image, that's very important to me.  It's brand recognition and he is my brand logo, my emblem, the dog is my Adidas Trefoil, my Nike swoosh.  I love when people take shots at me for him being "basic" haha, yes he is and he's everywhere and recognizable.  That's the bomber mentality rather than the artist mentality.  Graf artists will spend hours doing 1 piece, in that same time I can do hundreds of my dogs.  I think its a matter of perspective, but I like him looking the way he does.  I'm really happy with how he looks now and the clean consistency I can draw him.  Because of that I've basically changed from being Dio who draws a dog, to Dio tha Dog.  I prefer to use the dog as my way of representing myself these days. 
Do you have any other artistic history than Dio tha Dog ? 
It's kind of funny but I paint abstract canvases that you'd find hanging in an office somewhere. The kind you'd see hanging in a doctors office to brake up the boring state of the office.
How did you get into the sticker community and what do you like the most of this community? 
I'm a graf dude first and foremost. Like most graf dudes, we'll draw and tag on anything. I started just throwing my signature on classic Avery "Hello..." stickers and would put them up wherever I went.  I really only became as involved with the sticker community the way I am now because of Insta.  I've been around since the 90s and I've seen a lot of guys come and go. I saw the bigger names of today first starting out. I respected what was going on but I wasn't involved in it. When I got on Insta it was during covid and people weren't going out, I needed a hobby and my homie suggested I start drawing again and pointed out the community on Insta and that's really how I got as involved with the sticker community as I have.  There is a lot of ego, elitism, inside trading, negativity and judgement in the sticker community, mostly on the lab side though. But there's more positivity and love to help outweigh all that. My outlook on things is to be positive and supportive of the community no matter what level of creation you're at. The phrase I've become known for is "Make cool stuff with cool people."  For the few that are ego'd up and closed off, their are hundreds that are just awesome people looking to do cool stuff with you. My favorite thing about the community is creating with others. I try and go out of my way to help newcomers feel welcome and help them get their name or character out there. If you're an international artist I help you get 228s to get you started up. I see no reason to not be available like that.  At the end of the day were drawing self created cartoons and letters on stickers, why be a dick haha.

Can you tell us some more about the sticker community in America ?  
America is a unique animal when it comes to stickers. A lot of it is regionally based, certain outlooks and even name styles change as you go to different parts. The country is so big and the artists are so wide spread I don't really know how to describe the community. I think in Europe, from what I understand its much more concentrated.  When I hear about the German and the Dutch scene it seems like there's a ton of artists and everyone is aware of each other.  I really couldn't tell you about anyone outside on New York unless I've seen them on Insta. This is probably the lamest answer to this question haha

Does your art have a deeper meaning for you ? 
Not at all. I'm a disposable hero of the graf scene, here today and gone tomorrow.  I know a lot of people I've worked with have these vast perspectives about creating and the development of their art. I don't consider myself an artist. I'm just a dude who can draw and paint some letters and a manic depressive looking dog in a button down shirt, haha what I do makes about as much sense as Hawkeye from the Avengers fighting aliens with a bow and arrow. I like to stay humble and available, no ego, no elitism, no hurries no worries. I would be doing what I do even if no one knew about me.

What do you like most about what you do? 
I like seeing my dog out in the streets.  I drive by spots I've hit and when I see him I smile. I really enjoy that the dog has brought happiness to others.  I get a lot of feedback from people telling me how they simply enjoy looking at him, that's cool to me and I always appreciate the feedback. 

What markers do you use? And why? 
My go to are alcohol markers. They dry fast and are easy to control.  Im not a fan of paint markers, I find them messy, I don't like the drying time and i really don't feel the need to keep layering.  Alcohol markers to me take me back to the real deal black book days of the 90's and I love that look.  If you want to see some sticker dudes that kill that style check out Ceas and Mr.Soul, absolute bangers coming out of those guys all the time.

Got anything more you want to say? 
Make cool stuff with cool people, One Love. 

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  1. avatar Rob says:

    Dio is such an awesome artist and human being. Love tha Dog!

  2. avatar MonsterDan says:

    That was a good interview, makes me appreciate Dio more .

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