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ABOUT: RET Cartoons


RET Cartoons

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I have always loved animation. For a small period I have tried it myself but it required learning a new skill that will take me ages to learn again. After scrolling the Gram I saw some badass animation by RET. Liked his style in his artwork and not too long after that, he fixed a animation collab. Never thought I would see Octulos move like that. This is the story of RET.

Can you tell us more about the history of your artwork?

Ofcourse! I grew up in the late 2000s watching cartoon network every day for hours until I would fall asleep. I was especially fascinated by the reruns of the early 00's and late 90's shows like courage the dog, kids next door, wacky racers, dexter's lab, ed edd and eddy, scooby doo, animaniacs, etc.! The weirder the shows the more interest I had for it! It really inspired me to start drawing at a young age, all my schoolbooks were filled with doodles.

The shows made me feel nostalgic when I got older and influenced my form of art a lot. The wackier my art the more I enjoy it! Big eyes, crooked noses and digusting mouths with tongs rolling out remind me of the golden age of cartoons on tv. Especially of characters like courage and ed edd and eddy!

Aaand, what does the initals RET mean?

People have come up with a whole load of assumptions haha. People started calling me Ret based on previous names and it just stuck around. But I like to tell others it's short for Retro, it quite fits my style now.

We know you make soms badass animation. What drove you to do animation?

I actually only started learning animation 2 years ago! But my interest in cartoons always showed me the direction. It doesn't surprise me I ended up doing animation, I just needed a little push in the back by a good friend to actually try it.

I also just started studying animation as well a year ago so I am trying to make it my actual future. I really wonder what the future may hold for me, but I feel like I can bring something new to the table in the animation industry with my wacky style and ideas.

I am curious about your goals. What would be your number 1 goal in art at this moment ?

Finish my study in animation and make a whole load of art with different kind of artists, including people I have met the last few months that introduced me to the sticker community. I am still fresh, but it's an amazing community filled with a whole load of creative artists.

I have no other clear goals in my life, besides just enjoying it by creating art and having fun right now. I am trying to find a whole load of cool collaberation projects for the near future!

What do you like most about what you do?

The creative freedom I put into what I make! When I have a marker, pencil, spraycan or any medium in my hands nothing is too weird to create. I let my imagination go loose and see where it goes, that's when I have the most fun when I create anything.

Telling untold stories or making images others have not come up with yet is my most important form of creativity.

Does your art have a deeper meaning to you ?

It's not really that layered or complicated, I just simply do it for fun right now. I can keep drawing for hours upon hours. And I want to share it as much as possible, which is why I love doing collabs and stickers! You can put them anywhere and share them with whomever you want.

Got anything more you want to say?

Thanks for letting me do the interview and help me quite a bit in the sticker community Oct! 

Have fun creating! Challaz!

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