ABOUT: Theron

ABOUT: Theron

Name Theron One
Country of Residence the Netherlands




Theron was one of my look-ups to during the process of my lettering. His style in letters that connect with eachother and extensions that make the piece wholesome. With the colorfull fillings, 3D directions towards the center, makes Theron's pieces unique. I am thrilled to have him featured in the Octulos Interviews, and I can't wait for you to delve into his creative journey. Here is his captivating story.

Let's start off with a beer. What beer would you say is your favorite?

Weisener Beer

When and how did your in interest in graffiti began?

Theron’s journey into graffiti began in 1993 when he stumbled upon a captivating tag on his way to high school. It read “Art-S” and left a profound impression on him, igniting a spark of inspiration. About a year later, Theron decided to adopt a unique graffiti name. He wanted something more challenging than the usual three or four-letter monikers, so he crafted “Theron” using a pleasing combination of letters. With six letters, it offered a greater artistic challenge and became his official graffiti alias.

A lot of artists really struggle to develop their style. How did you develop your style to eventually reach this level?

Intrigued by this urban art form, he delved into the world of graffiti, experimenting with tagging and sketching. Thus, a new graffiti artist was born. In those days, the internet was not readily available, so Theron had to rely on his own resourcefulness to navigate the realm of graffiti. He eagerly borrowed graffiti books from the library and purchased popular ones, immersing himself in the vibrant graffiti scene. However, Theron faced another obstacle—financing his growing passion for graffiti supplies, specifically spray paint and markers.

During that time, there were only a handful of graffiti shops in the Netherlands. Undeterred, Theron would embark on day-long journeys to Nijmegen, specifically to a shop called Powerhouse. There, he would load up a backpack with Sparvar spray paint, reveling in the intoxicating aroma of the cans. Laden with his precious supplies, he would make his way back home on the train, eagerly observing the numerous graffiti tags and pieces along the way. It was an unforgettable and exhilarating experience, truly showcasing the essence of the graffiti culture.

If you would have to describe your style, what would you say?

Theron's style is best described as a readable and sometimes wild style. The pieces are build with little negative spaces and many details. The pieces come with 3d block often which are perfect to adjust with shadows and highlights.

Can you share some of your favorite or most significant artistic projects or pieces you've created?

Recent pieces

What do you like the most about what you do ?

Having fun with like-minded people. Having respect for each other.


Are there any artist you looked up to during the growth of your style?

Sprite and Saer were the kings in the area where Theron lived in the 90s. He was thrilled when he smelled the fresh spray paint when he arrived at the hall of fame in Breda or at the tracksides. Theron learned a lot by studying the artworks on the street.

During sketchsessions with friends I have noticed that everyone has their way of working. How do you approach the creative process in your lettering, from sketch to finish?

Theron starts his sketches almost every time with a baseline. He determines the middle and often starts with the letter 'E' or 'R' first. Then he adds the other letters and try to have the balanced base before adding details such as arrows etc. Theron does use black books but most of the time he uses an A3 paper block for his sketches. These are stored in special plastic maps who protect the sketches from getting wet or damaged. Theron prefers to sketch with pencil only but sometimes add colors with alcohol markers or acrylic markers.

Every individual has a different "life" situation beside their artistic/creative side. Now and then I see artists losing their motivation to stay creative because of life. How do you stay motivated and overcome creative blocks or challenges in your work of art?

In 1999, he realized that he couldn’t sustain a living solely from the limited number of commissions he received. This prompted Theron to make a significant change in his life. He decided to pursue education and a career path. After years of hard work, Theron successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. As a manager in a business economics setting, his job was demanding and stressful. Consequently, he needed a way to unwind and relax.

During his studies, Theron didn’t have much time to sketch or paint. However, in 2019, he felt a void in his life and decided to take action. With a pencil in hand and a new black book, Theron delved into his artistic passions. He found himself captivated by the graffiti scene, which still thrived and offered countless opportunities for showcasing artwork through the internet and social media. These platforms allowed him to connect with artists from different countries, providing valuable learning experiences.


Feedback negative or positive is a gift.

Not every art, is for everyone. How do you handle critiques or feedback on your work, both positive and negative?

Feedback negative or positive is a gift. Theron replies to everyone who is respectful in his/her communication.

Do you have any long-term goals regarding your graffwork that we can expect in the future?

Fast forward a few years, Theron now finds great joy in his artistic journey. He has formed new friendships and garnered substantial support from his growing community on various social media channels. With a deep passion for painting, Theron hopes to continue this creative pursuit for a long time to come. His website offers an intimate glimpse into his evolving journey. Enjoy the ride!


Some artists feel they have a deeper meaning in their artwork. Does your art have a deeper meaning to you?

Theron doesn't have a deeper meaning to its artworks. Having fun as much as possible and experience a unique joyful journey in the world of graffiti. If there is a bit of a meaning then it would be Theron's contribution to keep the graffiti culture alive for next generations. It's a bonus for a graffiti writer when people get inspired of Theron's artworks of course. Respect!

Do you have anything else to you would like t share with the world?

Theron would like to thank everybody who supports his artworks and is hoping people enjoy the journey as he does. Much respect to all who is doing something with graffiti and last but not least thank you for this interview. Big up to Octulos!

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