ABOUT: Check

ABOUT: Check


Name Check
Country of Residence Australia
IG  @Check

Check is my homie from the NFG Crew. He has the skills to adapt his character to labthemes with his always colorfull style. I see Check always progressing and upgrading his character. On 228 labs as well as in paint. I got 'em to hit up with a interview with me. Here's his story.

I like you colourful character. How did you come up with your character ?
My character is is letter E from my tag come to life.
It started off as just adding a face to the letter E to give it some flare but over time I began to joking create a backstory for him and refine the character over the years until it became what it is today.
I like to imagine that, In his mind, he is the star letter of the piece and never misses an opportunity to try and steal the limelight from the other letters.

We see you are progressing your character with graffiti on the board. How long have you been doing graffiti?
I learned graffiti when I was 5 years old off my uncle, who was a bomber back in the day. He taught me basic bubble letters and I have been sketching letters ever since. I started painting around 2006 in my teens for about 4 years, then life sorta got in the way for about 10 years. I started painting again about 2 years ago but I never stopped sketching throughout the down period it was just all on paper or stickers.

Can you tell us about the sticker-community in Australia?
I’ve enjoyed watching it grow over the last couple of years.
Stickers was a medium I always enjoyed but when I was younger I remember there being more of a stigma against it in the graffiti community. Im glad that ideology has fallen out of favour in recent years and facilitated more growth in the scene. I personally was lucky enough to join the SPM crew, which has a collective of some of the top sticker artist in Australia, but I’m also seeing more Australian sticker artists emerging in the community too and I’m excited to see where the culture goes.

When did you join the sticker community and why?
I always made and slapped stickers.
when I was younger, it was about getting up as much as I possibly could, and stickers made that a lot more possible, but I started networking and sharing on social media about 5 years ago. I had seen artist stickers in the streets, but I didn’t know there was a community until then because I wasn’t really into social media.

Does your art have a deeper meaning to you ?
Not really.
for me its a form of therapy.
Just an enjoyable exercise without rules or boundaries.
It brings out the best side of me.
i just like creating and being creative and painting/drawing is one of my chosen mediums.

What do you like most about what you do?
i like experimenting with colours.
I like wild bold and bright colour combinations.
In short, I like graffiti because it affords me the opportunity to make the world a more aesthetically pleasing place.
Blank walls are boring.
Colours are Fun and mood altering.
Im trying to, in my own warped way, make the world a more visually aesthetic and happier place to be.

What markers do you use? And why?
Anything and everything I can get my hands on really.
I think the tools matter to a degree, but ultimately its about doing it with what ever you have access to.
sort of like notion of A good craftsmen doesn’t blame his tools.
That being said, Molotow one4all is my first choice followed by posca.
these 2 are my go to markers for stickers.
recently I have been trying out alcohol based markers which have their own aesthetic flare to them which Im a fan of.

Got anything more you want to say?
I just want to show some love to the NFG & SPM crew members.
both groups of super talented artists and positive people.
if you like my art at all, some credit goes to these fellas for inspiring, encouraging and pushing me to keep going and to get better.
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