ABOUT: Skero

ABOUT: Skero

Name Skero
Country of Origin United Stated
IG @skero


Young Boy writes Skero, making his way up. This is his story.

Tell me about yourself:
My name is SKERO. Aka Sorek or MUTA. I grew up in a small town in Iowa just a couple miles away from Cedar Rapids. Started getting into the graffiti scene back in 2014 after seeing a bunch of graffiti on youtube. I was born an artist and for me graffiti was a very creative way to gain some fame. I began to get in depth with the different styles and study train cars as they passed me. After I started graffiti I never stop and never will.
I like the perspective you do on your character. When did you start crating your character?
So my character has a lot of various changes to it throughout the years. Never thought of a name for him but I usually just call him block head. My inspiration for this character is from a Netflix movie called MFKZ which if you followed me before inspired my only graffiti name MFKZO. I've been drawing him for about 3 years now and started adding some perspective into my designs.
Your style in graffiti is tight, when did you begin doing graffiti?
My style of graffiti is different from artist since I go out to explore different techniques. Rather that be Throwies or Wild style, I was always down to try new things. I never had a "specific" style when It came to drawing.
What I like most about what I do:
I'd say what I like the most is my freedom to draw whatever I desire without people constantly judging me for something that makes me happy. The graffiti community has some of the nicest people I've ever met. I've been members of many crews and met a lot of amazing people.
What markers do you use? And why?
The markers I use are usually POSCA® or azure® markers. Got my hands on the poscas last year for a very good price from a friend of mine but are difficult to draw on 228s cause the ink will shrink and bend the paper. I use the alcohol markers cause they are easy to blend and I can make my outline for my pieces without worrying about it showing through the outline.
Got anything more you want to say?
I'm still very young. I'm only 17 years old but I'm been through and seen a lot of shit. There is 100% gonna be people out there that are going to try and ruin your mental state just to 1up you. Everyone is learning. There as no such thing as being the smartest person in the world. It's ok to learn new things. Don't let people with big egos knock you off your grind! 


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