ABOUT: Rus 50

ABOUT: Rus 50

Name Rus 50
Country of Residence The Netherlands
Instagram Out in the Streets


Rus is one of my closest friends and fellow crewmember. We go way back, raving till the early morning. Eventually we traded the nights to color the walls with paint. He has his own unique style, you can't miss it in the east of the Netherlands. How much I like the stickerscene, I will always love the Graffitiscene more. Finally got my brother to do a interview with me.

Let's start off with a beer. What beer would you say is your favorite?
"My favorite beer is the Dutch classic, Hertog Jan."

Where did your journey in art begin?
"At a young age, we used to travel a lot with my family, always going by train. It was during those train rides that I was inspired by graffiti, looking out the train windows and seeing all the pieces go by. That's where it all began. I later started sketching, buying graffiti magazines, tagging around, and collecting stickers, just exploring the possibilities of graffiti."

"Dont be afraid to make mistakes; keep making them until you make the right ones.


What inspired you to become an artist, and how did you develop your artistic skills?
"The biggest inspiration was seeing graffiti around my city. In my younger days, I was always sketching and did a few throw-ups and pieces, but I stopped for a few years. However, I always kept my eyes on fresh tags and pieces around the city. A good friend of mine who lived abroad then started doing graffiti and really inspired me to get back into it. I think my artistic skills come from observing what's possible and what fits with your style, and really pushing the boundaries. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; keep making them until you make the right ones."

If you had to describe your artistic style, what would you say?
"My style has evolved over time, but for the most part, I like rough letters in my pieces, sharp corners, fat outlines, and dusted highlights."

Can you share some of your favorite or most significant artistic projects or pieces you've created?
"My favorite piece was when I went painting a new trackside wall. It was a beautiful night, 24 degrees, and I was in shorts and a t-shirt, with a few beers, enjoying a fresh, clean wall to paint with my friends. It doesn't get any better than that."

What do you like the most about what you do?
"I love the adventures that come with graffiti, such as exploring crazy places like abandoned buildings, cities at night, and encountering wildlife on the way home from an action. The satisfaction of staring at a finished piece for a few minutes in the silence of the night is something I truly enjoy."

Are there any artists you look up to?
"I look up to a few artists, including Triple, who constantly pushes the boundaries of graffiti, Duel, an OG king who's still running the streets, and Swet, known for his big pieces and speedy workflow."

Everyone has their way of working. How do you approach the creative process, from conceptualization to completion?
"I like to start with a rough sketch and let the creative energy flow. Depending on the time available, I might also have a strict sketch with numbered cans to ensure a faster workflow."

How do you stay motivated and overcome creative blocks or challenges in your work?
"I have good friends and crewmates who inspire me and push me to do more and explore different styles, techniques, and places to paint. To overcome creative blocks, I've had to gain better control over my emotions so that creative energy can flow more freely and I can get into flow states more easily when my mind is in the right place."

Not every piece of art is for everyone. How do you handle critiques or feedback on your work, both positive and negative?
"I'm always open to feedback. It's essential to learn from people who have more experience. Some people may not like my work, and that's fine. I'm just doing what feels right to me."

The most important thing I like to see in an artist is progress. What are your long-term artistic goals, and where do you see your art career heading in the future?
"I don't have specific goals; I'm here to enjoy the spiritual journey, push myself, explore different techniques, styles, and places to paint, and remain open to whatever comes my way."

Some artists feel their artwork has a deeper meaning. Does your art have a deeper meaning to you?
"Each piece takes on a life of its own with its interactions with the world around it. I like the idea that graffiti has an expiration date—some get buffed, some fade away, but the memories and experiences always stick with you."

Do you have anything else you would like to share with the world?
"The eyes are useless when the mind is closed."

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