ABOUT: Kristy van der Weck

ABOUT: Kristy van der Weck

Name Kristy van der Weck
Country of Residence  Netherlands
IG  @kristyvanderwerk


Kristy's vibrant abstract pieces, along with her portraits, create stunning results. Using various art tools, she adds the finishing touches to her work. Here's something different than the cartoons and graffiti, straight up love and feeling for her own art. Now, let's delve into Kristy's story.

Let's start off with a beer ( Or a wine, cocktail, what you prefer). What beer would you say is your favorite?

I stick to sparkling water and a cup of tea hahaha.


Where did your journey in art began?

Actually, as a child I always wanted to go to art school. In the end, I did a graphic design course for a year, but at that time I didn't feel like learning. I wanted to draw and not all the subjects around it.
After that I didn't do anything with art for a long time. Eventually, after a burn-out a few years ago, I started drawing again for relaxation. It wasn't until later that I started sharing my art on social media. There were such positive responses that made me feel more confident in what I was doing.


What inspired you to become an artist, and how did you develop your artistic skills?

Out of my own restlessness I started drawing. Interrupt the flow of thoughts for a moment.
I started with a bit of tangles drawing. Then I started a course in making aura drawings and spirit portraits. We had to practice a lot with drawing faces and I found that such a challenge that I just had to do it. But after drawing a lot of faces, I got a bit bored with that. The actual copying didn't feel like a creative liberation to me. So I started doing a course in abstract painting for beginners. I found that very exciting and it was a new experience. And after that course, I started experimenting with different materials and shapes in my own environment.


I was digging trough your portfolio of artwork on the gram. You started of with drawing portraits, to abstract art. And now your combining these two syles. If you would have to describe your artistic style, what would you say?

I find it very difficult to put a name to my style. My work is often very colorful and sometimes I like to add a touch of realism to it (portrait). It just depends on what I feel like. I also often hear that my work resembles graffiti art or abstract art with geographical shapes.

Can you share some of your favorite or most significant artistic projects or pieces you've created?

What do you like the most about what you do ?

What I like most is that I have no idea what I'm going to make and that I create something along the way. Every drawing or painting feels like a new journey.
There are so many good artists and I notice with every level you grow, there is always someone more skilled to learn from. Are there any artists you look up to?
Yes, I look up to a lot of artists. I find Instagram incredibly inspiring to admire the art of others.


 The most important thing for me is to trust the process and not be afraid to make mistakes.


Everyone has their way of working. How do you approach the creative process, from conceptualization to completion?

I just start. Sometimes it goes by itself, sometimes it doesn't quite work, but I mainly try to let go of the thinking in it. As I mentioned earlier, I often don't know what I'm going to create. I pick colors and use shapes throughout the process. I really like to just see what my hand is doing. Sometimes I consciously do something else, such as listening to music, having a conversation and then doodling something at the same time. The most important thing for me is to trust the process and not be afraid to make mistakes.


Every individual has a different "life" situation beside their artistic/creative side. Now and then I see artists losing their motivation to stay creative because of their daily busy life. How do you stay motivated and overcome creative blocks or challenges in your work?

For me, drawing is like breathing. I draw every night. I usually start after dinner and stop right before I go to sleep. In between, I draw every free moment. My motivation is first and foremost my own state of mind. In addition, it is of course also motivating that people want to see your work.

Not every art, is for everyone. How do you handle critiques or feedback on your work, both positive and negative?

To be honest, I haven't had much to do with negativity. I know that not everyone likes what I make, as long as I like it myself then it's good for me. I actually had more trouble receiving compliments in the beginning. I just couldn't believe other people liked it. And now I'm very grateful.

The most thing I like to see in an artist is progression in their artworks. What are your long-term artistic goals, and where do you see your art career heading in the future?

My main goal is to make more art. For me, making art is a passion and something I enjoy. And of course it's a lot of fun if I can spread this but it's not the most important thing. Creating and sharing makes my heart beat faster. I don't have to make a profession out of it, there's complete freedom in it.
But I do notice that along the way different things come my way and I really enjoy doing these small projects. And who knows, maybe that will open up a new world for me in which I eventually want to do more with my art.


Some artists feel they have a deeper meaning regarding their artwork. Does your art have a deeper meaning to you?

My art reflects my soul. In the beginning, I found it very vulnerable to share my art with others. It's really a piece of my inner self. I hope that with my art I can inspire other people and bring some light into the world (or color) ;)


Do you have anything else to you would like t share with the world?

Do what feels right for you and enjoy this journey of life.

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    I love Kristy’s art! 🥳 it’s always inspiring, energizing, and unique 😍👏

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