ABOUT: Future Prospect

ABOUT: Future Prospect


Future Prospect

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When I first started my journey in this creative community, I stumbled upon meany creative artist. One of 'em was Future Prospect, he was a artist I really looked up to, due to his creative and detailed way of work. When some of my friend in my town told me my work looked dope, I told em:"bro, you should look at this guy." That was a true story and I'm glad, I got em for an interview.

Your work is so detailed and creative. How did you come up with a shark as a character?
Originally I wanted a character that I could use different parts of, mainly at the start I used the sharks fin aswell, swimming through different objects. Which is how the ball pit collab started. 

My first character was a alien in a ufo which I still might bring out at some point. 

Looking at the portfolio on your instagram, you did more than just stickerart. Where did your journey in art began ?
Ive always been good at art growing up, and i started painting animals in my 20s, then childrens bedrooms for a while. Then I started to get bored and started using my imagination,  I soon discovered I had a good fan base for this type of art so the likes and comments pushed me to do more.

You are one of the greats in this sticker world. When did you join the stickercommnuity, and why ?

Thanks, I haven't been doing it that long, I started just over a year ago. When my daughter was born I found I didn't have time to do all the detailed canvas paintings so I decided to switch it up, my mate @brokenreality gave me a collab to jump on which is still my fave lab to this day and from there it grew, Dio helped me out at the start with my first trade and some 228s and I was off, This is a great community full of really awesome artists. I'm proud to be apart of it.

Does your art have a deeper meaning to you ?

My older stuff does yes, Art is a great way to express yourself and it almost feels like a release when you put it into the painting, 

What do you like most about what you do?

Collaborating with people brings the best out of me, I find it pushes me to be better and I love moulding and twisting, the shark in any way possible.

There are so many markers to choose from. What do you use for your artwork, and why?

In my opinion posca have the best markers, and tooli have the best colours so i use those mainly. Also never hurts to add a bit of watercolour.

Ive always been a fan of using everything and anything to create.

Got anything more you want to say?

If i could give any advice it would be to always try to challenge yourself and do things you're uncomfortable drawing, experiment with different mediums, you'll be surprised what you can create.


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