What is
Digital Paradoxes ?

Digital Paradoxes is created to share my knowledge and experience about art, music and design. As a creative individual I provide services as a graphic designer, illustrator and a videographer. As the universe keep pushing me trough different phases I still keep the urge for new challenges and new interests to keep my level of creativity high and valuable.
That is why in addition to processing assignments, I also see the possibility to continue to develop myself in various ways that can help me to do the utmost for you. I describe myself as creative, flexibel and experienced. What I find important is good and respectable communication between various parties to maintain top quality.
I am also willing to use my creative skills on freelance basis if you are looking for a temporary extra staff to work on extensive creative projects. As a valuable temporary addition to the team, I quickly adapt to any situation. For more information and the possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact me.