ABOUT: Tanukie

ABOUT: Tanukie

Name Tanukie
Country of Residence Netherlands
INSTAGRAM @tanukie_1


Tanukie was one of the first who gave me such a fat collaboration pack. I was a noobie back in the days and I actually didn't know what to do with it. At this point I had to change my style to maintain the quality of labs. I'm happy with the progress. For the most of us dutchies in the sticker business, Tanukie is the King who got the most of us started in this game. For that, you have my respect. This is Tanukie's story.

When did your journey into this stickercommunity start?
I started way before I even knew there was a stickercommunity. I just noticed stickers around my town especially at the back of traffic signs. Some stickers I would see a lot where Yates , Flok , Art , Sev , Nufs , Jan Prakje and Johnny Be Free. These where my main inspirations back then. 

Once I was on instagram I started to do lots of trades and collabs. And I saw Bunny Brigade and Jimmy Granti doing these amazing sticker combos. They inspired me to put up as many stickers as I could. I loved the fact that thru trading stickers my stickers would go world wide and end up In the most crazy places. 

In the beginning of my sticker journey I mostly did letters, around 2017 / 2018 i started to draw this Tanukie character. Once I had a character a new world opened up for me and I started doing collabs like crazy. 

I like your character and how you work your way around it. How did your character emerge ?

At the time I was really into retro gaming. So I was playing Super Mario Bros 3 on my SNES , and I really loved to look of Mario in his tanuki suit. One thing let to another and I drew my own version of a guy in a tanuki suit and stuck with it. 

Your work has so much variations. From watercolors to acrylic and alcohol. WIth brushes, markers and cans. Even your vinyls are mad. Do you have any history in art before you created and stepped into the stickercomunity ?
I have always drew a lot, but nothing professional. I learned a lot of techniques in the past years tho, from stencils to screenprinting to digital work. A little bit of everything I suppose. 

Does your art have a deeper meaning to you ?
To me tanukie is just a funny little character. I walk and cycle a lot and stickers give me a reason to go to places i haven’t been and where I haven’t put up stickers yet. 

What do you like most about what you do?
Working together with other people. Collabs are the best ,I love ‘em. 

What markers do you use? And why?
Mostly oil based paint markers , because they last longer in the streets. 

 Got anything more you want to say?
Go visit www.Indafront.com if you wanna buy some of my art.

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