Starting Freelance 02: The question, where to start?
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Starting Freelance 02: The question, where to start?

They say preparation is half the work, and from my experience, I can confirm this. Several years ago, I already completed basic administrative tasks like registering as a freelancer, creating a bookkeeping template, and learning how to handle VAT. The question that came to my mind is, how am I supposed to attract clients? How do I convince clients that I am the creative solution they're looking for?

I needed answers to these questions, so I've been digging up information on what inspires people to choose you for their creative projects. Essentially, it's just psychology. People are influenced by their own needs and interests, which ultimately benefit them (whether personal or business-oriented). In the creative industry, potential clients base their decisions on portfolios that align with their specific needs and interests.

I had to ensure potential clients were inspired and convinced by my experience. This leads to my next question: to fill up my portfolio, I need assignments, so I need clients first. But how do I get clients if I don't have a portfolio to attract them?

It's like questions followed by questions as I analyze my way throughout the start of my journey. How? And then it hit me. I needed to get out there and sell myself as a brand. I needed a marketing strategy. This is where I have to show that even as an introvert, I can position myself as a provider of creative services. Marketing sounds more like research, brainstorming, and finding solutions. Nothing creative about it (eventually I enjoyed the creativity in marketing, I'll elaborate on that later.). But if this is the path I have to follow to reach my goals, there is only one answer for all the questions: "Don't think too much, just do it."

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