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Netherlands, City of Glass


What are your price rates for you services?

The rates for graphic design are divided into categories in the tabs below. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT. If you need more information regarding price rates, leave me a message.

Wat zijn uw tarieven?

Voor GRAFISCHE VORMGEVING, ik reken een uurtarief van € 40,-

FLYERS, er zijn verschillende soorten flyers en het belangrijkste verschil tussen allemaal is alleen het aantal pagina's. Net als de brochures worden de kosten per pagina berekend:
€ 25,- per pagina met sjabloon.
€ 40,- per pagina vanaf nul.
€ 15,- na 2 revisies per pagina

BROCHURES EN CATALOGUSSEN worden per pagina berekend op basis van het ontwerp. Wanneer de ontwerp helemaal opnieuw moet worden ontworpen, rekenen we een hoger tarief in vergelijking met een sjabloon dat we ontvangen. In ons vormproces bieden we 2 gratis revisies (2 correcties). Daarna brengen wij per correctie een bedrag per pagina in rekening.
€ 25,- per pagina met sjabloon.
€ 40,- per pagina vanaf nul.
€ 15,- na 2 revisies per pagina

KAARTEN. Met kaarten heb ik het over geboortekaartjes, trouw- en rouwkaarten, uitnodigingen of ansichtkaarten en wenskaarten.
€ 65,- per kaart per ontwerp.
€ 15,- na 2 revisies per aanpassing.


Everything that gives your brand a firm statement of what it needs to represents itself. From business cards, to invoices and letter templates. Brochures, flyers, banner, posters, anything to convey information towards your target audience. Anything is possible.

€ 850,- excl. includes the following:
+ Logo Design
+ Business Cards
+ Stationery Design
+ Envelope Design


With cards I am talking about birth announcements, wedding and funeral cards, invitations or postcards and greeting cards. Keep in mind that every

€ 65,- per card per design.
+ 2 Free Revisions

What I do as a Social Media Manager?

As a social media manager, I oversee and strategize a company's or individual's online presence. My tasks include content planning, creating engaging posts, and managing community interactions. I analyze performance metrics to adjust strategies and stay updated on social media trends. Acting as a bridge between the brand and online community, I aim to build a positive reputation and boost audience engagement across various platforms.

Services I offer as an Social Media Manager?

Scope of what I can do for you:

- Manage your profile(s)
- Design original and proffesional social media posts
- Create a call-to-action strategy for engagements
- Research the best hashtags withing your niche
- Organic Strategy
- Post Scheduling

Which social platform I am available for.

- Instagam
- TikTok


I am always on the search for new collaboration to spice up my creativity and horizon. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. To be honest, I felt that in the beginning of my career as a freelance graphic designer.

If you need any information about the prices of services, you can contact me by filling the form and we can always have a good conversation to work things out to profit the both of us!

Or, if you like what you see and read, and be interested in collaborating something together. Fill in the form and we can discuss what kind services we can provide eachother.